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Digital Marketing Virtual, Offsite & Onsite Worshops

We can deliver digital marketing workshops for your marketing team or business community, College, Institution or University. They can be 2 hour or half-day sessions depending on how in-depth you want to go. We are also offering our new virtual bite-sized training sessions. Book your Slot

Who can Request

Institutions, Colleges, Universities, Corporate

Min Requirement

10 Participants to 50 Participants
Request for Free Workshop

Interested in a workshop or running a bite sized session

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What to expect from our Bespoke Workshops

  • Customised to your Needs

    We start by understanding your digital marketing goals and customise the workshop to suit your team
  • 90 Minute Workshop

    Each Workshop Session is 90 minutes long and focuses on achieving a specific objective.
  • Interactive and Practical

    Highly interactive and engaging training sessions that enhance the learning experience
  • Variety of Workshop Topics

    We offer a wide variety of marketing workshops that will give your team the skills they need to get results with their marketing efforts
Request for Bespoke Workshop

Our Masterclasses & Workshops

Content Planning Workshop
Create your social media content schedule that drives engagement and attracts customers online
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Google Sheets Workshop
Learn how to use Google Sheets from scratch. Create a new spreadsheet and edit it with others at the same time
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Google Slides Workshop
Discover how to quickly and easily use Google slides to create professional and fabulous presentations
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Facebook Marketing Workshop
How to optimise your facebook page and use it to build engagement with your audience.
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Bespoke Marketing Workshop
Empower your staff with the marketing capabilities to effectively achieve your business goals.
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Business Listing Workshop
Optimise your Google my Business page to stand out and drive traffic to your website.
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Linkedin Profile Workshop
A practical session where we help you to build a Linkedin profile that will attract your ideal audience.
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Customer Profiling Workshop
Understanding customer segmentation & demographics and using that to create your customer persona.
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Canva for Social Media Workshop
Create your social media posts using canva, creating your brand style and creating your first canva graphic.
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